May 2

Barbra Kruger Style Image

I want the viewer to feel like they’re not alone in this world. Not only that but when you having a friend group of 3 is better than being by yourself or better yet it’s better than being in a group of 6 or more people in one friend group.
April 29


  1. The main difference between JPEG and RAW is that JPEG compresses an image to make it smaller. Whereas RAW isn’t really an image it’s just a large file of images and data.
  2. RAW is the bigger file.
  3. Yes, you can change a RAW file into a JPEG. First you will have to chose the RAW file or image that you would like to turn or convert into a JPEG. Then you will export that RAW file as a JPEG onto your computer.
  4. You would shoot in RAW. This is because of the good image quality that RAW has. Although if you want to shoot a lot of pictures then it is best if you shoot in JPEG because of the smaller file size and JPEG also allows for a quick upload.
April 22

Emily Blincoe: Meticulous Photography

This photograph by Emily Blincoe stood out to me because of not only the colors buts the words “Don’t Die” really stood out to me. It also stood out to me because it’s not like any of her other meticulous photographs that she has and the bright lime green really catches your eye.

April 22

100 Most Influential Images

Michael Jordan, Co Rentmeester, 1984. This is one of the most famous silhouettes ever. This picture lead to Nike paying Rentmeester $150 for temporary use of his slides from the life shoot. I chose this image because I like way that the picture was taken. Not only that but I also really like how there is light on the subject with the sun in the background. I feel like the photographer used a fill light or a strong flash to capture the light on the subject or in this case on Michael Jordan.
Earthrise, William Anders, NASA, 1968. Is an image that captures the beauty of the fragility and loneliness of our world. I chose this image because of the beautiful view of the earth.

Black Power Salute, John Dominis, 1968. This image was back in the day Olympics who intended to celebrate global unity. But when American sprinters ascended to the medal stand they were determined to shatter the illusion that was all right in the world. Their message was that “before we salute America, America must treat blacks as equals.” I chose this image because of the black unity that it shows. I also chose this because of the meaning behind it.
April 21

Surrealistic Collage

With this I wanted to create something that was “out of this world” So I added a school of fish swimming around in space as well as giraffes crossing the road. I also added the eyeball planet just to be a little more creative with things. As well as me adding a boat as if it was a car on the road trying to get past the giraffe’s to set sail in space.
April 8

Shooting For Good Composition