December 6

Why is Photography Important?

Photogrphy is important because of the many things that you can capture in just one image. With the images that you shoot you can capture meaningful moments of your life. Also, with photography as a hobby you can keep on learning more and more information about the topic as our technology improves. with photography you can also meet many people that may think the same way that you did. So, photography is a way to meet new people who are like you and can make you imporve your skills a little more with learning from others.

When learning new things from others it can inspire you to travel around the world and capture beautiful landscapes that are there that mother nature has created. Not only that but you can save the moments weather good or bad with loved ones or friends. to which you can look back at when you get older. Also, with photography you can capture the memories of the world like the pandemic that we are in right now. With the power of a camera and images that we shoot we can make people more aware about social problems like climate change. Who knows maybe one day your photo will make history. Lastly you can make money off of photography if you make photography your occupation.

This means that with photography we can capture many meaningful moments in just one image. We can also make a living off of it and who knows we may even make history with it. Not only that but we can also make our community more aware about the social problems that they may be un aware of to which is going on in the world. Photography has many different meaning behind it and some images can keep you guessing.

December 3

Pop Art

Pop art is an art that is based off of the modern days and culture. This artists image is considered pop art because of all the colors that is used and the image which is of Campbells soup can has been around for ages. This artists work is very colorful and really stands out with the colors that are used. I picked this artist because they have a good contrast. I like them because they make their art really colorful and it really catches the viewers eye.
December 3

What is HDR?

HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. This is very popular nowadays when photographing landscapes. When shooting HDR your going to need to shoot with a tripod and set you camera at different exposures in order to get the perfect exposed picture. This makes a huge difference than shooting normally because when you shoot a normal picture you either get too exposed or under exposed and an okay exposed picture. With HDR you don’t have to struggle as much trying to find the perfect exposure for the picture.

November 30

HDR Landscape

I think that my photo turned out pretty cool. Although the clouds were a little tough to edit to make it look like the clouds aren’t fake. Other than that I really like this picture. I really like how it shows the Jurupa Hills Spartans on the wall. Not only that but I really like how I made the purple pop in this image just because my favorite color is purple. I feel like the image itself could of been a bit more focused. One more thing that I liked about this image is that you can also see the track and football field and the end zone which says, “Spartans”
November 16

Shoot Like Aaron Siskind

67mm; f/32; 1/125 sec.; ISO 400; Manuel
50mm; f/32; 1/125 sec. ; ISO 400; Manuel
This image was taken by Aaron Siskind himself. I really like his work because although we have color in the world it’s always cool to see the world in black and white because I feel like when we see the world in black and white we can capture more. Not only that but Aaron Siskind really captures the texture of things and I find it really cool. Some of his images that I looked at made me question what it was because it was so close up and all you could see was the texture. I really like his work and all the photos that he has taken. In this image above I found it really nice and the texture of it really stood out to me because you can see the crack in the road and the white part really makes that stand out.
November 9

About Studio Lighting

The main light is the main lighting of the shoot. It gives you different shadows on the face when you are shooting portraits in the studio. The fill light is the light that fill in the shadow not completely but just enough so the shadow on the face is not to dark. There are 4 different lighting patterns which are the butterfly, split, 3/4, and rembrant.

November 9

Studio Portraits

pretty, beautiful, clear skin, pretty green eyes, admiring, pretty in black, sweet, lost in thought, stunning, in the darkness, one with the dark, hidden in the darkness.