October 12

10 tips to make a good portrait

  1. Don’t be afraid of the natural light. Use the natural light to your advantages.
  2. Diffuse the natural light. If you don’t want your pictures coming out too bright when subject is near a window try using a curtain to darken the light up a little.
  3. Using a reflector. A reflector can really help especially if there is no natural light around but there is some light a reflector can help shine light onto the subject and brighten things up.
  4. Cosmetic retouches. When editing the photo if the subject has any facial imperfections or their teeth are a little yellow you can use cosmetic retouches in photoshop to fix those imperfections.
  5. Light in the middle of the day can make the shadows more pronounced.
  6. Some lamps can create a good natural light.
  7. Shooting RAW is a good thing you can also fix anything you need to later in photoshop.
  8. Try and keep the picture quite simple.
  9. Any available light can work.
  10. Taking a picture and sunrise and sunset can really enhance the lighting in photos.