October 4


In this collage I have a picture of my dogs. My dogs are the most important to me, they bring me joy when I am feeling down. I also added a picture of the band Queen. Queen is my favorite old band. There are also a couple of anime characters and symbols. I’m a huge anime fan and I watch a whole bunch more anime’s then just the characters that are there. I added tiktok because that app is very addicting and it keeps me entertained when I’m board and have nothing better to do.

Not only did I add those things but In the upper let corner I added pompoms because I do all-star cheer, Although we don’t really use pompoms. And a little below that I added the England flag because my mum is from there and I also still have some family out there. I actually went there over the summer break before school started. Oh, I also have the ITunes logo because I like to listen to music in my free time or to help me keep on task when doing homework. I added my two favorite stores which are Forever 21 and Pandora. There is also the Jamba Juice logo. I love that place it’s actually one o my go to stores for when I’m parched. I play some video games like Minecraft and Apex so I added those on there as well.

I also added the makeup stores that I shop at the most which is Sephora and Ulta. On the lower right hand corner I added a butterfly. Butterflies are one of my most favorite insects. I also added my favorite perfume and I added instagram as well. Oh and lastly I added the Iphone 11 because that’s the phone I have right now.

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