October 13

Intro to White Balance

White balance is a way of letting your camera know what type of light you are photographing under. We adjust white balance to get the colors in your image as accurate as possible. There are different ways to adjusting white balance so you will need to have your camera on manual in order to make changes. There are 7 basic white balance settings that you can find on your camera. First there is a auto mode which is where the camera makes the best on a shot. Next there is tungsten this mode is usually symbolized with a little bulb and is used for shooting indoors, this mode is also generally cools down the colors in the picture. Next we have fluorescent this compensates for the cool light and will warm up the pictures you take. Daylight/Sunny not all cameras have this setting because it sets thing as a fairly normal white balance. Then we have cloudy this camera setting generally warms up things a little more then the daylight setting. The flash of a camera can be quite cool light so you in phots you can see that it warms up your pictures a little bit. Finally we have shade which generally cooler or ‘blue’ then shooting in direct sunlight so this mode will also warm things up a little.

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