October 28


JPEG stands for Joint Photographic Experts Group. It is a standard image format for containing loosely compressed image data. Despite the huge reduction in file size JPEG images maintain a reasonable image quality. JPEG also allows you to save more storage compared to the older formats. JPEG compressions works best with photographs because of the detail in the image tend to hide compression artefacts. Although JPEG struggles wth sharp edges and curves.

A RAW file is a digital image file that is already stored on you cameras and/or smartphones memory card. Every camera ha their own RAW file format, for example Canon RAW files are CR2 or CR3 whilst Nikon are NEF. NEF (RAW) record raw data from the camera image sensor. Camera settings are saved separately from raw data, allowing settings such as exposure and white balance to be changed after shooting. The same image can be edited in a variety of different ways without affecting image quality.

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