November 16

Shoot Like Aaron Siskind

67mm; f/32; 1/125 sec.; ISO 400; Manuel
50mm; f/32; 1/125 sec. ; ISO 400; Manuel
This image was taken by Aaron Siskind himself. I really like his work because although we have color in the world it’s always cool to see the world in black and white because I feel like when we see the world in black and white we can capture more. Not only that but Aaron Siskind really captures the texture of things and I find it really cool. Some of his images that I looked at made me question what it was because it was so close up and all you could see was the texture. I really like his work and all the photos that he has taken. In this image above I found it really nice and the texture of it really stood out to me because you can see the crack in the road and the white part really makes that stand out.

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