November 30

HDR Landscape

I think that my photo turned out pretty cool. Although the clouds were a little tough to edit to make it look like the clouds aren’t fake. Other than that I really like this picture. I really like how it shows the Jurupa Hills Spartans on the wall. Not only that but I really like how I made the purple pop in this image just because my favorite color is purple. I feel like the image itself could of been a bit more focused. One more thing that I liked about this image is that you can also see the track and football field and the end zone which says, “Spartans”
November 16

Shoot Like Aaron Siskind

67mm; f/32; 1/125 sec.; ISO 400; Manuel
50mm; f/32; 1/125 sec. ; ISO 400; Manuel
This image was taken by Aaron Siskind himself. I really like his work because although we have color in the world it’s always cool to see the world in black and white because I feel like when we see the world in black and white we can capture more. Not only that but Aaron Siskind really captures the texture of things and I find it really cool. Some of his images that I looked at made me question what it was because it was so close up and all you could see was the texture. I really like his work and all the photos that he has taken. In this image above I found it really nice and the texture of it really stood out to me because you can see the crack in the road and the white part really makes that stand out.
November 9

About Studio Lighting

The main light is the main lighting of the shoot. It gives you different shadows on the face when you are shooting portraits in the studio. The fill light is the light that fill in the shadow not completely but just enough so the shadow on the face is not to dark. There are 4 different lighting patterns which are the butterfly, split, 3/4, and rembrant.

November 9

Studio Portraits

pretty, beautiful, clear skin, pretty green eyes, admiring, pretty in black, sweet, lost in thought, stunning, in the darkness, one with the dark, hidden in the darkness.

October 28


JPEG stands for Joint Photographic Experts Group. It is a standard image format for containing loosely compressed image data. Despite the huge reduction in file size JPEG images maintain a reasonable image quality. JPEG also allows you to save more storage compared to the older formats. JPEG compressions works best with photographs because of the detail in the image tend to hide compression artefacts. Although JPEG struggles wth sharp edges and curves.

A RAW file is a digital image file that is already stored on you cameras and/or smartphones memory card. Every camera ha their own RAW file format, for example Canon RAW files are CR2 or CR3 whilst Nikon are NEF. NEF (RAW) record raw data from the camera image sensor. Camera settings are saved separately from raw data, allowing settings such as exposure and white balance to be changed after shooting. The same image can be edited in a variety of different ways without affecting image quality.

October 27

Photo Journalism

A group of students at Jurupa Hills High School having a discussion during lunch time.
Two students at Jurupa Hills High school sitting down having lunch.
A group of guys at Jurupa Hills High school talking about an image they found on Instagram.
These image above were taken by Henri Cartier Bresson. I really liked his work and he has great timing. I really like the first on of the little boy. Bresson really captured the moment of the little boy walking humbly. In the second image it shows a group of kids playing around the wall that they live by. I like how he captured the moment of the little girl with the scooter getting ready to ride it up and down the ally. Bresson really did a good job at capturing the moment with these photos.